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Sloan/et songs

i just got the Take it in Promo single today.  i'd have to say that i enjoy
et's version of Laying blame better than Sloan's.  how do i get to compare
Sloan's version of Stove/Smother to Eric's Trips'???(what album is it on?)
i liked Ragdoll too.  if i never saw the track listing for Smeared, i would
have guessed it to be first on the list.  although the way Jay is *sitting*
on that chair in the picture..........

still smiling after all those *great posts*, still enjoying the list:^),


"let me tell you aboot the way she looked,
the way she acts and the color of her hair,
her voice was soft and cool,
her eyes were clear and bright,
but she's not there."