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yeah, whatever; more ec questions

My, my, the bitch factor around here is high.  I blame it on this
neverending winter.

Soooo.  Someone, I think James, brought up the point that their was
essentially a girl label (Cinamon Toast) and a Boy label (Murder) in
halifax.  So what's up with that? It's a fairly interesting split.  I know
this will be treading on old ground for some of you, but what's The toast
story? (BTW, I totally forgot about Rebecca West {and if anyone is
interested in their namesake, the journalist, there is an article in this
week's New Yorker and some excerpts on the Atlantic Monthy web site
http://www.theAtlantic.com/atlantic/atlweb/flashbks/west/wesint.htm about
her} and Plumtree.  I stand corrected on the lack of girlband content on
Sloan net. )

Also, did anyone read the Puncture (http://www.teleport.com/~puncture/)
article?  I'd be interested to hear what the"locals" thought about the
outsider perspective.  (pet peeve-I wish Americans could refrain from using
the word Tundra, whenever they write ANYTHING about Canada.)  Apart from
that, he didn't fall into the usual pitfalls.  (though it should be
remembered that the author was a new Yorker. They tend to view the rest of
the world as quaint.  The truth, however, is that when it really comes down
to itNew York is incredibly provincial but in a metropolitain kinda way--if
that makes ANY sense.)

Ok, now everyone take a deep breath and calm the fuck down.

profanely yours,

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