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Re: sort of a jackass

That does it.  I'm outta here!  James, please be so kind as to remove me 
from the list.  I can put up with irrelevance and inanity as well as 
anyone, I never once complained about not getting my t-shirt, I always 
resisted making irrelevant or mocking posts, and hey, it was 
well worth it for the gentle sharing of information and random gems of 
insight that sloannet provides.  But now *Geneyus* has to show up.  And 
hassleing TLW no less, not that she can't defend herself, but it's just 
too much.  Who the hell let him in?!?  Screw it, it's just not worth it 
anymore.  In fact I'm so upset by the current spat, and especially by the 
appearance not once, but twice in one day of the moniker "geneyus" in my 
mail box that I'm going to stop playing East Coast bands on the air 
indefinitely.  Childish? Intolerant?  Fascist?  Bitchy?  Ireelevant to 
Sloannet?  Cool!  Someone let me know if Geneyus disappears!

Tom 'Big Joe Mufferaw' Hayden

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, geneyus wrote:
> Hey...why don't you show a little respect.  I thought people came to 
> Sloannet because they wanted to speak with like-minded individuals.  I'm 
> sure whoever posted this originally loves the east coast thing, but needed 
> to get this off their chest.
> Your intolerance is nothing short of fascist.  Sure, this is primarily about 
> the east coast, but shouldn't we be able to share other preferences as well. 
> Would you prefer to exist in a world who's soundtrack is made-up solely of 
> Maritime music
> Nothing like blaming your bitchiness on some exterior force.  Grow up.  Not 
> everyone treats people badly because they've been having a bad day.
> Geneyus.