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Re: Superfriends !!


since no one's asking but i feel like posting, let me tell you all about 
the two super friendz shows last week in vancouver :)
they played arts county fair at ubc on thursday, after making a brief 
appearance on Brian Wieser's radio show on CiTR and conversing with 
Nardwuar the Human Serviette (Sloannet actually came up in the 
interview!) They were opening for Ashley 
MacIsaac and they were BY FAR the most impressive band out of the five 
(that included the pursuit of hapiness, bass is base, and the barstool 
prophets) in my unbiased opinion. Charles was wearing these huge bug-eyed 
sun glasses and matt asked him if he got them from the guy in oasis. They 
also said "We usually can't rock until after dark, but today we're going 
to rock at 1:30!" And they did :)
Their set was pretty short, and they played a mix of old and new songs 
and told us about the new video they just finished shooting.

Then they played at the Starfish Room on Saturday with Molly's Reach from 
Edmonton (?) who were pretty decent, and a local band called Back Room 
Shag, who i don't think were very decent. Matt Murphy worked merch for all   
the bands...I got to speak with Drew and he said they weren't coming out 
for Music West because they'd be recording then; new album and new 7".
They have a fabulous new song called "Green Machine" that they played 
both shows - i've only heard it twice and i think it's my favorite super 
friendz song...

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Darryll Hobson wrote:

> I saw the Superfriends this past weekend, and it caused me to wonder if 
> anyone else out there thinks that Drew looks TOTALLY like Brandon Lee ?!

i have never seen the crow...isn't it about a rock star?

anyway, i hope this is up to snuff in terms of ec content, because it's 
about as east coast as the west coast ever gets ;)