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the Inbreds and Zumpano

I've read several times now that the Inbreds are moving to Halifax, and 
in Impact it cited one of their reasons as being "their manager lives 
there," and then I got to thinking that I had read something in the past 
about one of the members of sloan being their manager.  am I right?
(I guess this has east coast content since they'll soon be living 
there!).  Anyways, the Inbreds rock, and Hilario is a much better album 
than Kombinator (well, not MUCH better, but better).
	Could someone review the new Zumpano 7 inch on Murder?  Zumpano 
rocks also. 
P.S.  Has anyone who mail ordered the Stareoscopic Scary Show recieved 
it yet?  Just wonderin'.