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Re: sort of mean

> Hey...why don't you show a little respect.  I thought people came to 
> Sloannet because they wanted to speak with like-minded individuals.  I'm 
> sure whoever posted this originally loves the east coast thing, but needed 
> to get this off their chest.

Hey, I got something to get off my chest too.
In my current Analysis of Algorithms assignment, I have to find a method
of multiplying two complex numbers (say, a + ib, and c + id) together, *but*
I have to do it in less than 4 integer multiplications.  The normal method
would of course be (a*c - b*d) + i(a*d + b*c) == 4 multiplications.
Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm totally stumped :(

> >ps/ i'm only bitchy because we just had our annual general meeting.
> >tomorrow i'll be nicer. unless there's a post about scratching post.
> Nothing like blaming your bitchiness on some exterior force.  Grow up.  Not 
> everyone treats people badly because they've been having a bad day.

Right on brutha!!  I'm so sick of all these shitheads who are sensitive to
the things that go on around them from day to day.  I mean really now, is
it that hard to control your moods when crap happens to you?  Of course
not!  Anyone can do it, it's fun, it feels good to keep it all balled up
inside you!

> Geneyus.

by whose estimation?

roderick (your average fascist, who originally loved the east coast mailing
list thing)

ps:  melissa's (from piggy & hush) last name is Andrew (no s).  I don't
	think she has written any songs for either band, but I believe she
	did with her former band, Holden Weeling (arguably their best songs)

	I personally think Liz Pickard (Lizband) has an amazing voice, very
	deep and gritty sounding.  But then again I haven't been exposed
	to enough christian rock to make the comparison :)  although
	thanks to james and jim, I'm *really* getting into the Rez Band as
	of late.

	Who was the fiddle player that used to (or still does) play with
	blackpool?  I don't think she was included in anyone's list of
	women in east coast rock.


You have a problem with Texas?