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Re: catano opens his arse once again

At least Catano has a somewhat relevent arguement to support his 
"rudeness", it would appear that you just have some sort of 
agenda, possibly. Isn't it sort of hypocritical to say Catano
is just shooting off his mouth and being rude while you are swearing at 
him (and the rest of sloan-net)?? Bitchy asshole indeed. At least 
he isn't some kind of freak who feels the need to protect his 
identity, Mr. Armidildo.

Brendan Albert Ryan.

s535290\!/aix1.uottawa.ca (what kind of name is that?) wrote:

> you just won't learn...
> maybe I am getting tired of irrelevant posts, but to also have to deal
> with another acrid piece of shit rude message broadcast to everyone even
> though the macho posturing is such a lame attitude....another one...from
> catano...holy shit boy ? what the fuck ?  if you want to flame someone do it
> fucking *privately*...I'd be doing this privately if I didn't think catano
> was acting like a lame wanker once again...geeezus....
> what are you, a fucking kid ???
> flame on,
> the armadillo 
> PS. no really...do you have to be such a bitchy asshole ?  there are better
> ways to complain you know...sigh....