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Superfriends !!


due to the fact that it's been a long time since last I posted
anything worth reading around here...  and since I've been feeling
certain political pressures to re-establish some presence on Sloannet
(isn't that right Barb & Andrea ?)...

I present this deeply important issue for Sloannet's always subjective 

I saw the Superfriends this past weekend, and it caused me to wonder if 
anyone else out there thinks that Drew looks TOTALLY like Brandon Lee ?!

I mean, the resemblance is uncanny!  Martial arts sensation Brandon
Lee, shot during the filming of his latest movie, "The Crow" -- I
THINK NOT!!  Brandon Lee, realizing his true calling as a guitarist in 
Halifax's own "Superfriends"...  you be the judge.

But if I'm wrong...  then answer me this, just WHO are they referring to 
in "Karate Man".

I rest my case,