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list mechanics (was Re: sort of mean)

remember that cramps record?  here it comes...

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, geneyus wrote:

> >
> >hey,
> >
> >i know this is sort of mean and it's not something i like to do ever, but
> >shut the hell up about kurt cobain, this has nothing to do with the east
> >coast scene, apart from andre's post which actually put things into
> >context. save it for another newsgroup.
> Hey...why don't you show a little respect.  I thought people came to 
> Sloannet because they wanted to speak with like-minded individuals.  I'm 
> sure whoever posted this originally loves the east coast thing, but needed 
> to get this off their chest.

no, people came to sloan net because they want to talk to me.  close 
minded neo-hitlers.  oh, yeah they also want to talk about (*duh*) good east 
coast independant music.  this, waye, is why no one wants to talk about 
sandbox and co.  also because they are a regional embarrasment.

maybe if they had added it in a "ps" to a relevant post, no one would 
mind, but inspiring an entire insipid thread devoted to this is sheer lunacy.

direspectful to "the list" and to the "like-minded people" on it.  
posting something so completely off-topic without any attempt to put it 
into a maritime context is just stupid, and the fact that people keep on 
doing it, after countless angry posts from list members is just rude.  so 
shut the fuck up.

> >and second, shut up about scratching post unless they have recently moved
> >to the east coast or played a show on the east coast. i hope you realize
> >that by constantly bringing up these irrelevent topics you may in fact be
> >alienating people who might have been potential fans. personally, if i
> >never hear about scratching post again, it will be too soon.
> Your intolerance is nothing short of fascist.  Sure, this is primarily about 
> the east coast, but shouldn't we be able to share other preferences as well. 
> Would you prefer to exist in a world who's soundtrack is made-up solely of 
> Maritime music.

your stupidity is nothing short of breathtaking.  what is this list 
about?  gee i don't know .. why? because i am lame.  i am a fucking moron 
who can't figure out his ass from his mouth.  east coast discussion list 
= east coast bands.  i would like to exist in a mailing list whose topic 
is east coast bands.  i don't give two shits about what the fuck is 
happening at lee's palce next week, and if i did, i could read eye weekly 
or now any other TO rag.  please spare us from your sactimonious 
bullshit, and don't you DARE talk dowm to anyone.  

> >ps/ i'm only bitchy because we just had our annual general meeting.
> >tomorrow i'll be nicer. unless there's a post about scratching post.
> Nothing like blaming your bitchiness on some exterior force.  Grow up.  Not 
> everyone treats people badly because they've been having a bad day.

not everyone has the single-handed ability to lower the collective IQ of 
a mailing list by 50 points with one post either.  by george, i think 
you've done it.


ps - fuck off 

> Geneyus.