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The aged one speaks

I'm sure that at this point, Listmanagerboy and the Taras are at 
their Maritimes' wits end.  So, since the last user poll 
identified me as the old man of the group (32), allow me to make 
a rare public appearance on the net and respond to some of the 
recent posts.  
There are over 200 of us now, so as a calm reminder I'd like for 
you all to:
1) Please read the footer at the bottom of JC's posts; it sets 
the tone for SloanNet as a discussion of the east-coast music 
scene.  That scene has been defined not to include Rita or the 
Rankins; now you know.  The are other sites and discussion 
groups for music outside the scope of SloanNet.  Consider the 
rest of the group before you post content better suited 
2) Continue to be a tolerant bunch.  The occasional comment 
about bands outside the scope of SloanNet does not tend to 
ruffle anyone's feathers.  When the volume of 
less-than-pertinent postings gets too high, we get a message 
from mr. covey.  As our numbers grow, that seems to be happening 
on a far too regular basis.
3) Avoid personal attacks on the open net.  On the rare occasion 
when someone says shut up about "the extraneous topic of the 
day", it is a good sign that we need to refocus the discussion 
to the east-coast scene.  The remark is general and not an 
attack on anyone.  To respond to a particular individual on the 
open net with, for example, Grow Up!, makes it difficult for 
anyone to value your opinion.
 For those of you who are new and are looking for a starting 
point to understand what goes on here: read the posts by 
sizzleteen, either of the Tara gals, mr. covey, and even 
Catano(!).  These folks have a lot to offer the discussion, and 
they answer questions offline.  All you have to do is ask.  And 
if that's not enough, remember that the bands also read this 
group; if I ran into Patrick Pentland at TUNS (like he'd ever go 
there), the last thing I want to be thinking about is what I'd 
posted to SloanNet.  Thanks for your time.  Thanks mr. covey and 
tlw and tdc for allowing me to invoke your names.
Shameless plug for Covey... what's the status on the zine with 
the Andrew Scott interview????

Randy Bowers, un ami du Sloan
Got tix to see the Rankins and Barenakeds in Columbus, OH ??!!
Ready on a minutes notice to buy the plane tix for the next 
Sloan show
Having a job has its rewards
You never know when you'll hear me on college radio! WRPI - 
Troy, NY - 91.5 FM - 10,000 watts