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EC content on iMPACT CD

Hey folks, iMPACT's newest CD includes lots of East Coast content. Here's
the list: Cool Blue Halo, Smilin Ben, Lilith, Plumtree, Tariq, Crybaby,
Happyman, Paul Myers, Al Tuck & No Action, Superfly, Pest 5000, Trunk, Mike
Weaver and (sorry tara) Scratching Post. The CDs'll be going out with the
May issue, so you might even want to SUBSCRIBE...

Just to add my two cents to the content debate: I can understand the
Maritimes-only sentiment, but the sheer inanity of a lot of postings should
be of greater concern. I'd rather read an intelligent comment about an
Ontario band than some of the wanking that takes up so much room on my
computer (Good morning! 59 messages, from five people!).

Here's my (unsolicited) advice. How about everyone tries to
-limit their brilliant musings to one posting a day;
-check local listings before posting to find out where/when a show is happening;
-keep little squabbles in perspective;
-keep subject matter in the East Coast realm;
-send private mail when it's not of public interest;
-remember that Kurt Cobain is dead, and there are live people worth talking

PS Let me know what you think about the new iMPACT with Eric's Trip on the