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Re: East Coast Content

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, James wrote:

>         If I am wrong, please e-mail me privately to that effect, and I
> will uynsubscribe. And if you are interested in a general discussion of
> Canadian Music on a national level, not a regionalized, neutered, and
> essentially divisive letter, e-mail me privately as well. 

AGAIN... if we want to have a large scale national discussion group, 
thats great, its called alt.music.canada.  Maybe we should to a CFV for 
the creation of alt.music.canada.alt.

However, this isn't really an east coast list, is it?  Anyone who talks 
about, god help us all, Sandbox, would get flamed to a cinder...  
however, lets face the unpleasant, revolting fact... Sandbox is 
quantifiably more popular then almost any other rock or rawk act from the 
east coast, with the exception of Sloan... they simply sell more albums.

So fess up, do you want this to be an EC list, and invite in the Rankin 
fans, or do you want to be more exclusive?  James, is there a FAQ on this?


PS James, if Cool Blue being "like the Beatles" is a sin against the 
alterna- gods, then I guess you won't like the new Sloan, eh? :)