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East Coast Content

        "EC Content" as in "Content to talk about nothing but ? Content to
be insular, self-absorbed, and Balkanized ?"

        I was interested in Sloannet becasue I was informed it was a group
of like-minded individuals who were interested in Canadian Alterna-music
that used SLOAN AND THE EAST COAST AS A STARTING POINT, not as a be-all and

        If I am wrong, please e-mail me privately to that effect, and I
will uynsubscribe. And if you are interested in a general discussion of
Canadian Music on a national level, not a regionalized, neutered, and
essentially divisive letter, e-mail me privately as well. 

        I like some of the music of the East Coast; I like a lot of Candian
music as well. We can talk about national trends, critical themes, and
ideals and analysis..or reminisce about what shirt Chris wore at that gig
back when. 

        I know which I'd rather do. 

        "Facing Unpleasant Facts",


        PS: Anyone at a Monoxides show deserves a whiff of pepperspray and
a whack with a truncheon- it might knock some sense into them.