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Re: Speaking of Cool Blue Halo...

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Speed Racer wrote:

> The first band to play that night was 'Shine Factory', who I'd never heard
> of before.  I was quite impressed with what I heard.  Does anyone have any info?

shine factory used to be called "stone child" but they changed it.  they 
have a cassette out called "pop art" or something like that, and has the 
campbell's soup can a la warhol cover schtick.  they did really good 
covers of beatle's songs at the tribute night (tax man, drive my car, 
helter skelter).  the drummer and the guitar singer are brothers (matt 
and somebody...), and i went to summer rock with them back in the day.  
good power pop/punk tunes, very expensive gear.  no real exposure or 
following, besides the occasional gig at birdland, and a lot of ole 
shows.  i think that they are a part of the whole harbour master/deep 
nine scene (andthose cd compilations...), but i couldn't say for shure 


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