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Tape trade - some Australian Bands

Joel Stern wrote:
> There is quite a large indie-pop movement happening in Australia right
> now, especially in my city, Melbourne. Below is a description of some of
> these bands.
> Screamfeeder - one of my personal favourites. Very Dino. Jr. style
> guitar work, with long georgously distorted melodies. I would also
> compare them to pavement in the way they rock out with a really relaxed
> feel. I have their album 'Fill yourself with music' which includes a
> cover of Sebadoh's 'Brand new love"
> Drop City - Easily compared to late 60's era Beatles. Long pschedelic
> drones mixed in with pure pop songs. Also reminiscent of dreampop bands
> such as M.B.V and Spacemen3 Sometimes they remind me of Sloan (eg.
> 'What's there to decide?')
> Valvolux - Fuzzy, distortion laced melodies, and a kick-arse attitude,
> Liken them to Superchunk.
> Diolene - A must for anyone who is a fan of Kim Deal's work. Have only
> released one EP(seven tunes). I think it's very cool.
> You am I - pure pop pleasure. Vocalist/guitarist Tim Rogers is a bit of
> an indie legend around here. They supported Soundgarden(naf) around
> America and then came back home and dis'd the shit out of them and other
> stadium rockers. Their first album is more experimental and rocks
> harder(a bit like 'Smeared') while their second is a little more
> produced and clear,(like 'Twice Removed')I have them both.
> There are lots more(especially if your willing to explore other styles)
> but those are the main bands I would compare to Sloan/Eric's Trip
> (Although not so much E.T. It's hard to find bands that even begin to
> compare....)
> In terms of o/seas bands here are some of my favourites (but you may alredy know about these)
> Sebadoh (you've probably figured that out by now)
> Yo la Tengo - If you haven't heard these guys you must NOW. They are
> just so brilliant.
> My Bloody Valentine - as above (think 'Marcus Said' but way more
> extreme)
> Slowdive - perfect for drifting off into a mellow daze.
> Mercury Rev - Great fun, freakout psychadelia
> Again, there are lots more but I can't go into everything I have.
> If anyone else is interested in trading tapes please reply.

> Joel Stern