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Exclaim Birthday Party

I'm writing my review of the Exclaim birthday party for the UWaterloo
Imprint, and I've got a few questions east-coast related for those who were

1) What exactly happened with the Local Rabbits Music Extravaganza? I don't
have any of their stuff yet... That was Dave Bidini from the Rheos, and I
guess all the Rabbits, but who else was playing with them? (Carol? Help me

2) Who did you spot there? (besides the bands) I saw Jay and Andrew from
Sloan, guys from Rusty, and hHead, but I know there were others I'm

3) Does anyone else agree that Jale played pretty badly? And was that
Brendan from hHead doing that really crappy acoustic stuff? And if so, he
was kidding, right?

4) Anyone spotted Plotnikoff's Musical Monkey Show in Halifax?

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