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Re: kamloops riot

> Yep. Apparently the promoter really really oversold the show, but he claims
> "he didn't realize that he sold too many". (How can you oversell by 240
> seats and not realize it?). According to the promoter everything was fine
> until the RCMP showed up. 26 people were arrested, charged, and released.

yeah, everything WAS fine.  until there's a fire, or until someone gets 
crushed, or until someone gets hurt, and they can't get them out of the 
building or even get to them at all ... jeezus, it boggles my mind  
how utterly stupid people are.  how on earth do you oversell a venue to 
three times it's capacity and not expect the cops to show?  what a 
fucking idiot, please tell me this isn't this freak's normal M.O. ...

waiting to read about tragic mosh pit deathes in kamloops,