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Re: Cool Blue Halo

robert from licorice fix claims...

>Irony in rock is, or at least should be, dead.

are you kidding?  irony killed rock.
cool blue halo is the rotting eyeball in the putrid corpse.

ok, so i don't really believe that, but i thought it would be 
freaky to say.  :-)

anyone who thinks irony in rock is dead needs to hear steve malkmus
yodelling.  :-)

>Though Cool Blue Halo has one video that Muchmusic plays, this song didn't
>sound anything like it. The initial song (the name of which I couldn't think
>of) was more My Bloody Valentine, where this song is more structured pop. 

well, it's hard for us in halifax, having been exposed to cool blue halo
over a period of 5 years or so now, to think of "sweetie said" as the
"initial song" of cool blue halo.  the fact is, that that recording is
a studio experiment that resulted from their lack of a drummer at the
time.  it sounds like nothing they've done in the studio before or 
since, and it certain never had anything to do with their live sound.

>I met Jason, one of the guitarists, while I was in Halifax and he suggested
>that the rest of the record is more power-pop, so it looks as though there
>has been a bit of a change in their sound.

and the answer to that is no (No!); see above.

yeah, i think cool blue halo have been doing the power-pop thing long
enough that it's about time they got their share of recognition.
i see no reason why they couldn't be a popular muchmusic band.


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