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Cool Blue Halo

Hey folks,

I heard a song from Halifax's Cool Blue Halo on Realtime, and with due
respect to Mr Rocchi, Scratching Post won't ever turn out something as good
as "Too Much Kathleen" in their lifetime. Irony in rock is, or at least
should be, dead.

Though Cool Blue Halo has one video that Muchmusic plays, this song didn't
sound anything like it. The initial song (the name of which I couldn't think
of) was more My Bloody Valentine, where this song is more structured pop. 

The song itself was a fluid meshing of some of the noiser East Coast bands,
merged with The Beatles circa Revolver and a dash of Matthew Sweet's fine
harmonies. I hear there is a new album out on NO! coming soon, and if it is
as good as this one song, then CBH might be the next Halifax band to gain
substantial notice outside of the Maritimes.

I met Jason, one of the guitarists, while I was in Halifax and he suggested
that the rest of the record is more power-pop, so it looks as though there
has been a bit of a change in their sound.

And for you folks from Ontario through to B.C., the band appears to be going
on tour in June, so keep your eyes peeled and I'll try to keep you posted.