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jermemy wrote:

> listening to hendrix's "axis: bold as love", i said to myself, "geez, 
> jeremy, mitch really adds to the experience.  that dude really has it 
> goin' on".  i had arrived. 

good taste! that's my favorite Hendrix album.

> anyone know any albums with spectacular drums that might cool my loins?

1) The Who - Live at Leeds. 
      Keith Moon nails down so many f'ed up fills and rolls - nutty.
      any Who album with keith moon rocks. 
2) Led Zep - I, IV
      Bohnam's _heavy_ bass drum makes a seemingly simple song like
      "When the Levee Breaks" relentless. Super solid. And no slouch
      either - "Good Times Bad Times" is pretty complex.
3) Cream - Strange Brew (best of)
      Always thought that Ginger Baker was over-rated, but he IS great.
      Not a god though.
4) Primus - anything....
      Tim Alexander - power of Bonham and finesse of Peart
5) Helmet - Betty
      pretty heavy stuff, lots of repetitive-beating-on-a-lead-pipe beats,
      but interesting power fills and 2 second time time changes.

This is just of the top of my head - and it's a ROCK list.