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Fruitloops riot

Sara Lee wrote: hey did anyone hear about the monoxides show in kamloops
on saturday? 400 kids were at this hall where capacity was 160 and the
cops got called in. according to southam news, "a riot ensued and spilled
into the street. police used pepper spray and batons while the crowd threw
rocks, bottles, and cans." the defects, geek invasion, the monoxides and
the smalls played at this show and apparently the incident started when
there was about ten minutes left in the show. hooray for police brutality,
alive and well in good old british columbia. 

Hrmm.. that is soooo-ooo "rock" I bet that article will be in someones
scrapbook no doubt. I wonder what's next, biting the head off of a chicken?
Playing one of those guitars with two necks on them? Drugs, Violence, Sex?

Oh, about that whole "girl-rocker" think.. well I too am not fond of that 
forced, nasal-sounding "sissy-girl" voice. It's always cool to see a girl
who doesn't wallow in her child-like cuteness, but instead gets her mojo 
workin and kicks out the jams, yeah.

And, to avoid making another post.. how come I see so many posts about 
Ontario rock here (the EC list)? Some of it is cool ie record reviews, but
really, there should be a list for Ontario gig reviews and the like, the
"D" button on my computer is wearing out fast.

I'm out to lunch,