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kamloops riot

Tara Lee Wittchen <tlwittch\!/acs.ucalgary.ca> writes:

> hey did anyone hear about the monoxides show in kamloops on saturday?

I read about it, but I didn't realize that the Monoxides were one of the
groups involved.. brutal.

> 400
> kids were at this hall where capacity was 160 and the cops got called in.

Yep. Apparently the promoter really really oversold the show, but he claims
"he didn't realize that he sold too many". (How can you oversell by 240
seats and not realize it?). According to the promoter everything was fine
until the RCMP showed up. 26 people were arrested, charged, and released.

> hooray for police brutality, alive and well in good old british columbia.

Well, that's Kamloops for you. <grin>

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