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Re: purple blue/drums

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Richard S wrote:

> the best part about the CD, once you get around the really cheezy guitar 
> riffs ET used for most of the CD, are Mark's drums.  THeya re so damn 
> brilliant!  I forget the song name, its one of the first ones on teh CD.  

i was just thinking about this yesterday.  i think the drums are 
definately the best thing about ET.  besides the drums the only thing 
half interesting _are_ the cheesy beer commercial guitar riffs a la 
"spaceship opening"(i think).

i have gained a greater appreciation for drumming of late, in the past i 
haven't really given "the beaters of the skins" much credit.  but after
listening to hendrix's "axis: bold as love", i said to myself, "geez, 
jeremy, mitch really adds to the experience.  that dude really has it 
goin' on".  i had arrived. 

anyone know any albums with spectacular drums that might cool my loins?


p.s.  does anyone know who the guy with a big drum kit (and big hair)     
and dinosaurs in his video who did a cover of del shannon's "runaway",   
circa 1985?