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the stareoscopic scary show

Hey all.  I wrote this for tara lee, but she said I should send it to the
list too.  It's my review of the rick's new moncton compilation, The
Stareoscopic Scary Show.  And since no one has really reviewed it yet on
here, here it goes:

>hey neal, can you give me a little review on that tape, like let me know
>which songs are crappy, and which are good? what is the sound quality,
>artwork, etc like?

all right then:
ARTWORK - pretty cool.  tape liner is just a photocopied piece of paper, but
the tape comes with a little zine made by rick.  It's got a little blurb on
each band explaining how rick came across recording them, some band photos
and a couple of comics by rick.  Both made me laugh.  One small one about
"jimmy duffy and his race car to the stars."  Jimmy races his car against
his arch enemy Morthow.  The other comic is a total eric's trip allusion
even though it doesn't say so.  These four animals have a band (three boy
animals and one girl, hmmm...coincidence?)  Anyway, they are practising and
the girl's (she's a cat) amp blows so she takes all the band's money to buy
a new tube.  So the singer (he's a duck) is kinda mad because they have no
money for drugs anymore.  It goes on and the duck ends up finding some pot
from a dog in exchange for all the money that they make at their gig the
next day.  Then they are at the gig and the dog is there waiting for his
money and he ends up giving the duck some of his beer (which is laced with
acid, unbeknownst to the duck).  The duck gets really messed up and walks
out of the gig just wanting to go home, but the dog follows him and breaks
his beak and make him bleed because he didn't pay the money.  Then the cat
comes along (the wise one, she's even got a halo over her head) and comforts
the duck and takes him home.

MUSIC - all are previously unreleased record by rick.  Three of the 14 are
covers.  The tape is "made to sound the way I hear them, which may not be
the 'normal' way."  It's actually not all that un-normal.  Pretty good
recording and sound, but some songs do have a little bit of tape hiss in the
background that makes you think you might be listening to a record.

PURPLE KNIGHT "magic in those hills" - mainly instumental, only a bit of
talking-singing by mark.  The song is good, pretty short, and just reconfims
the fact that mark is one of the wickedest drummers of all time.

TARA S'APPART "the land where lost dreams go" - this is probably my favorite
song on the tape.  It's slow and dreamy and catchy.  But I haven't heard any
other stuff by tara, so I don't know how it compares.

MONOXIDES "without anyone" - I'm not that big of a monoxides fan, but this
is one of the best songs I've heard from them.  It's in the same genre as
their other songs; if you like the monoxides, you'll probably really like this.

ELEVATOR TO HELL "over and over" - this sounds like it could be on forever
again as one of rick's songs.  To quote a murder catalogue (I think) "lo-fi
mind with a high-fi heart."

MOON SOCKET "always lose" - This has got the lyrics and vocals like all the
other moonsocket songs, but is only moonsocket song I've heard that isn't
played on an acoustic guitar.  Really good, still warm and fuzzy.

BAD LUCK #13 "in the evening" by the stonemen - a cover of a sixties band
from moncton.  The music isn't bad, but the singer's voice kinda gets on my
nerves.  But then again, I think the snfu singer's voice gets on my nerves
too.  It's the kind of song that sticks in your head, y'know?  "in the
eveNIN', in the eveNIN', in the...."

VILLANOVANS "drives me" - too heavy for me. But, there is one part of the
song that's cool when it slows downa bit.

ORANGE GLASS "park bench" - goooood song!  Upbeat; makes you want to dance.
Reminds me of one of the Pluto 7"s.

UNDERDOGS "out of hand" - fast music and really fast shouting vocals.  I
don't really like it.  Short song, though.

BROKEN GIRL "eyes shut" - Ahhh...julie...  She sings in a slightly higher
key than on purple blue with only an acoustic at her side.  Very pretty.
You get a different perspective of the song after hearing this.  You can
hear her gasps for breath a lot easier because the're not covered up by the
music like they are on purple blue.

EARTH A.D. "beneath the floor" - I've got two words for you: "hard" and
"core."  This *is* death metal and I don't like it.  But hey, I've never
been one for cannibal corpse either.

IDEA OF NORTH "conquette espanol" - really good song.  A lot like iodine
eyes on never mind the molluscs, only more laid back.

THE SUDDENS "can't explain" by the who - pretty good song, but then the
original rocks to start off with so...  My only gripe about this song is
that the singer sounds like he's 12, but I guess it grows on you because I'm
starting to think that less every time I hear it.

ERIC'S TRIP "only gonna die" by bad religion - rocking cover.  recorded live
in Montreal on Jan 27, 1994.  What can I say about this song, it is bad
religion after all...

Well, I guess it turned out to be kind of a *long* review, but oh well...
Worth the 8 bucks if you ask me.

"It's a lazy place.  It made me lazy."
                      -al tuck