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My Sloan experience

THis one is cool.
Sloan played here last winter, I think, with Thrush HErmit.  Except for 
the bouncers pushing me around the whole show like I was at some AC/DC 
concert, it rocked!  THe best parts:
-During "underwhelmed", Chris took off his bass and gave it to some 
blonde, 8 year old kid, who played the second half of the song ehile 
Crhis body surfed.  Beat that, kids!
-Chris invited us all on stage for "Deeper THan Beauty", but the stupid 
bouncer wouldn't let me go on.  He saw me as a threat (5'9", 150 lbs.  
WHat, I would sweat all over the band to death?).  That was cool.  Then I 
got a drumstick at the end, which Chris autographed and bit, leaving a 
Rock n Roll teeth impression.  He rocks!

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius