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Re: everywhere a chick-chick.

Lately, i've been on the verge of tears every time i hear a new 
oh-so-sweet-and-whispery girl singin' her heart out about the trials and 
tribulations of romance.  I don't know about anyone else but 
i'm sick and tired of hearing the silly-Julie voices chip-munking their 
way into my ears.  Do these girls have voice boxes? I think it's time to 
quit the school choir and start singin' with a bit o' soul!  Now even 
though we don't have alot of female rock persone here in Newfoundland, 
the ones we do have have managed to steer clear of the whimpy 
maratime-ish voices (honestly, no offense...Hehe) and seem to sing from 
the diaphram so to speak.
Anyone heard any new chicks out there who dare to sing with force?  I'm 
totally interested if ya have...just send 'em to me.
Losing hope (cause i sure can't sing...:)...

P.S. At least Liz can sing, and powerfully too.... 
even if she's a christian rock star!:)