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hi guys. The first time I saw sloan was the first concert I had ever really
been too except for alanis and brian adams when they were  at the memorial
center and that doesn't count. NE way, sloan was playing at Stages, one of
the two well known bars in kingston, or "jock" bars. It was an all ager,
which was kewl but odd for this place, but Sloan was my best friends'
favorite band at the time and so we went and got tickets at music world and
went to the show. They put all of the underaged kids on the top level, and
started the show. We weren't near the stage . Hip Club Groove played first
and I thought they were wikid, but everyone else didnt' think so so I kept
my wikedness between my best friend and I (everyone rudely booed). Then, we
thought sloan were going to come on, but they didn't. They went on an hour
late because to the best of my knowledge they were fighting with the owners
to rope off an area for us underagers at the front. Guess who won:) My
friend and I were right at the very front, and Chris was all upset cause the
management were being jerks and said to my friend to keep smiling b/c it was
what was keeping him going. Then for the encore they came back out and chris
was wearing a gorilla mask and I think they played coax me cause he was on
drums, but I"m not sure cause it was  a year ago. Then after they were done
we went up and talked to them.

That's my sloan story, I just thought I'd share cause it's nice.