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chicks dig it

margie was asking, in addition to julie from eric's trip/broken girl and
jennifer, alyson, and eve from jale, are there any other east coast scene
musicians of the fairer sex ;) (thassa joke). well, by my count, here's a
few to start with, i'm sure there's some i'm missing.

crappo2 (laura borealis and rebecca k.)
strawberry (deirdre smith)
bubaiskull (allison outhit, now defunct)
skreech (alyson macleod, marta swannie)
piggy (melissa)
hardship post version whatever (alyson macleod)
hush (same melissa as piggy)
lizband (need i say more?)
plumtree (amanda, carla, nina/katrina, lynette)
absolutely nothing (i think it's all the plumtree girls)
emily vey duke as her own damn self
mars we love you (i don't know her name, though...the dj at birdland!)
les gluetones (meg hogan)
kudzu (michal)
rebecca west (the inimitable and fabulously cranky ms. outhit!!)
trike/chaz rules (mel rusinak [sp?])

also, i'm not sure, but i think our own heather harkins and katrina grentz
were working with their friend marykate and are preparing to rock halifax
later this year. go get 'em, grrrls. :)


 Tell me a story, help me forget I'm gone,
 My marmalade."
                   -The Geraldine Fibbers-