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east coast women.

margie wrote:

>Speaking of chicks, are the members of Jale and Julie the only women in the
>east coast scene? (spare me talk of sarah et al.)  During my few months on
>Sloannet, I haven't heard much mention of female musicians. Anyone care to
>fill me and everyone else in?

speaking of julie, i have yet to review the broken girl CD on sloan net
yet.  but it really is excellent.  i've been listening more to it than
to _purple blue_ lately.

so, um, significant women on the halifax scene...

- alyson macleod, formerly of jale, now in the hardship post.  all three
  members of that band are writing and singing, and yes, her songs are
  really good.

- allison outhit, lead vocals/guitar for rebecca west.  their debut cd
  goes in a lot of different directions, it's kind of all over the place.
  but since then they've developed a more focused sound and have a new ep
  recorded which i'm sure is really great but i haven't heard it.  i don't
  know if they have a label to put it out yet or not.  anyways, they are
  definitely one of the best bands on the scene.

- plum tree.  now that jale have mike on drums they are the only all-female
  band in town.  their debut full-length cd on cinnamon toast is really
  excellent.  and they are one of my favorite bands to see live.

you know, rebecca west's full-length is on cinnamon toast as well.
those are the only two albums they've done.  there's this interesting
dichotomy developing between murder, best know for sloan and thrush
hermit and super friendz and local rabbits, and cinnamon toast,
best known for jale singles, and the PT and RW albums.  we essentially
have a boy label and a girl label right now.  yes, c.t. have put out
some boy records, and yes murder put out the jale ep, but that's basically
how it shakes down.  i always wonder why there hasn't been much commentary
about this issue on sloan net, and i'm curious to know what people think.

- also, is murderecords turning into a classic rock label?  discuss. :-)

ok, back to the list.

- melanie who plays in trike.  melanie rocks.  the trike 6-song ep
  (recorded by patrick pentland) is really good.  i gotta get my hands
  on a copy.  who is distributing that one anyway -- murder or cinnamon 
  toast or both?  

- tara white, or tara s'appart if you prefer.  she plays in elevator
  to hell and orange glass.  the tara s'appart solo cassette that i
  heard was really good too.  AFIRBP.  (another female indie rock
  bass player.  we've covered six so far here. some of 'em play
  guitar too.)

- deirdre smith.  she sings in strawberry, who split a CT single
  with plum tree.  i guess they're doing a full-length for cargo
  and a split single with orange glass.

- melissa, um, i'm forgetting her last name.  she plays standup
  bass in piggy and electric bass in hush (FIRBP #7!).  we love
  the way she stares at the ceiling while she plays.  :-)  you
  might not have heard piggy yet, but you should.

how am i doing here?


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