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stream of (self)consciousness

Oh god, its all coming back to me.

...and you were there... and you... and you.

While Chris was right in recognizing my notable wit, he sucumbs to his own
criticism; Why must people lament their waning interest level on each and
every list I'm on.  My god, I feel faint with the overwhelming tedium of it
all.  People are mostly dull and mostly stupid but, hey, what can you do?
Put on a good record and maybe you can drown them out.

Too cranky? Apparently there were Not enough chocolate bunnies for this
girl . So, to prove how much I love you all, I'm going to share some of
personal mail.  (The opinions that follow do not necessarily reflect those
of Ms. Borschke.  They are offered as a bit of reportage from "the Toronto
connection" and  Any resemblence to persons living or dead is merely

>Saw The Local Rabbitts
>last night. A bit dissappointing. Archers of Loaf/Pavement/Early Talking
>Heads style pop numbers sung in falsetto and then dumb assed bar band
>blues tunes and wankfest instrumentals. Members of Sloan and The
>Rheostatics in attendance/on stage.

You see I wasn't anywhere near Toronto on the weekend.Stangely, I was near
Sue Garner one of the members of Run On who was part of a Chickfactor solo
night at Fez in NYC.  I was unaware of the eric's trip facination. (BTW,
Chickfactor is on hiatus but apparently it will  be reborn sometime soon.)

Speaking of chicks, are the members of Jale and Julie the only women in the
east coast scene? (spare me talk of sarah et al.)  During my few months on
Sloannet, I haven't heard much mention of female musicians. Anyone care to
fill me and everyone else in?

As for Sloan, I heard that there's a cover of a Rick Spingfield song on the
new record.  Really.  Mums the word though.

As for Sloan tour dates, I must try and adopt the wonderfully effective
"world revolves around me" attitude of my current country of residence and
wonder will Sloan will make it to NYC?  <she whines> For me!  (Sloan's is a
grocery store in NY, you know.  I'm sure this is about as exciting as the
Beck's taxis were for Beck when he was in Toronto.)

Enough of this rambling and ranting.  The assocative wonders of email

But wait...

There's more.

The latest issue (spring 96) of Puncture has a feature about the halifax
pop explosion that I'm sure will be of interest to all.  I'd go on about it
but I've been going on for long enough now.

Margie Borschke
fresh hell and stalemates since1968.