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Tape trade?

Hi i am from Australia and have just joined Sloan-net.
My inspiration for joining was to find out more about my favourite 
bands, Eric's Trip and Sloan, and other bands like them.
Anyway, as you might imagine, it is pretty difficult for me to get hold 
of stuff from these types of bands so i am often forced into overseas 
mailorder, which is really expensive.
So what i am proposing is to start some kind of tape swapping operation. 
I would love to get my hands on any E.T releases besides the three 
albums (which I have). Warm Girl, Gordon St., Peter, etc. I am also 
interested in hearing stuff from other East-Coast bands like Thrush 
Hermit and Super Friendz.
I have a pretty extensive (indie) music collection, especially Oz. bands 
in the style of E.T, Sloan, so if you are interested in trading tapes 
please contact me.
Joel Stern <sstern\!/ozemail.com.au>