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ET split single

someone posted about the new eric's trip  split single last week, and i
would like to add to it.  

Pillow(red) IS a great song.  the sound quality is much removed from the
purblu album, and was at first a little concerned.  I've listened to it a
few times in the last few days, and it has since grown on me.  it is true
though, it does sound like an older song, and it almost sounds like they're
ripping themselves off, but there is enough of a difference to stop that
notion.  i don't know if the feedback stuff at the end is necessary (think
the road south for just a second) because it just isn't as interesting as
the rest of the song.
I would have liked to see them put another SHORT song on it instead, perhaps
a la GbV.  maybe i'm asking too much.  i still think marc should buy some
bigger cymbals.  once again, listen to purple blue and pay some attention to
the cymbals.  his ride sounds great, but the rest, well, don't.  the mix on
the song is good, maybe a little too much distortion, but not objectionally
so.  on the whole, sounds good.


the two songs (who's names i do not remember) are also pretty good.  i can
detect some influences but can't quite identify them yet.  if i figure them
out, i'll tell you all.  two good songs, haven't paid much attention to the
lyrics yet (on any of the album), but they  sound good.  i like them.  they
just feel good to listen to.  i know that doesn't say much, but that's all i
have right now.  

if you want to know more, buy it.  i think you'll like it.  

I know what I said, I just changed my mind.

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