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murder invades buffalo!

  Last night Jale and the Local Rabbits played in
 Buffalo. It was the first time either band had
 played here and it was the first american show for
 the Rabbits. There was a really good turn out,
 probably due to the fact that Jale have had some airplay
 on a local radio station.
  As well as the bands, all your favorite murderecords
 staff were on hand. (mr. brown and mr. mackenzie).
  The local rabbits kicked things off after having a few
 problems setting up their keyboard. they played lots of
 new stuff and it seemed to go over really well with
 the crowd. johnny had to keep his jumping  to a minimum due to
 the low ceiling and the rather unstable stage but he
 solved this problem by moving his groove onto the
 dance floor instead.
  next up, jale. they played a set of mostly newer songs
 also. i've only seen them a few times but i thought
 that they played a really solid set.
  overall, an excellent night of music. by the end of the
 night, my face hurt from smiling so much. during jale's
 set the local rabbits decided to dance like the various
 drunken jocks at the bar. ask them to show you sometime,
 it can really only be appreciated in person.

  pete said they'll be back out for a canadian tour in june.
 they might be with thrush hermit, by themselves or...
 it's still undecided.


 ps- eric's trip : may 18th in buffalo. not to be missed!!