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thrush hermit: the scoop.

ok, i'll tell you what i know about the thrush 
hermit deal.  it's a pretty standard new-artist
deal.  if elektra wants to keep them, they've
got the rights to 6 albums.  (typically, you
want to sign for only a couple of records so
that if the first couple are successful, you
can sell yourself off to the highest bidder
for future records.  so this is not a victory.)

the good part of it is of course, some tour
support and good stateside distribution.
and they are pencilled in to record their
debut, 15-song album with doug easley,
the guy behind the grifters' recorded sound
and the man who recorded _wowee zowee_ by
pavement.  they are hoping for a fall release
but it might get pushed back as far as
january '97.

the deal is with the US offices of elektra,
in case you're wondering.

they have a 7" single coming out on murder
this summer.

they plan to do some touring this summer too.
their plans include ontario, for those
who asked.

they've just finished a video for "patriot".

john butland asked if they will ever play NB.
i guess they just played moncton.

matthew buchanan asked if "north dakota"
will be on their LP.  it will.  all the
songs will be unreleased ones except for
a re-recording of "came and went".

and did the _mall rats_ soundtrack appearance
do anything for their profile in the US?
in their words:  not really.


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