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Exclaim 4th anniversary party

this thing was SO AMAZING i'm so glad i went now! when i first heard
about it i was like "eh, sounds ok" but it was so cool.

First of all i think that us underagers were actually in the MINORITY.
not like all the afternoon all ages shows i've been going to that are
rampant with 12 year olds. i think maybe 10% at the most were underage

Ok big news: i got to meet ben and pete from local rabbits!!! i was
wicked too happy guy. and they even said hi to me AFTER when i SAW THEM
AGAIN. i'm so unjaded :) and they played their accoustic set that was
all blues um... move it on over, boom boom, and play with your poodle i
recognized and a couple of others i didnt really know what they were.
Also i met Carol, Lisa, Darcy, Pat and uh... i think thats all from
sloanet. and these two guys that i know from my school sortof.

SO there were 3 rooms i'll review em one at a time:
Room 1 - bands
Princess Superstar : pretty fun, and i got the cd cuz i kinda wanted it
and my friend wanted the shirt with glasses on it and u got a deal if
you bought both at once. hip hop and distortion... the cd is like...
theres some tracks i just don't like and some which are really good. i
don't know if i'd recommend it. depends how much you like hip hop. its
all pretty funny though.

Jad Fair & Phonocomb : ok i missed most of them (as i missed most of
Princess Superstar) cuz i wanted to get to room 3 to make sure i saw
pete and ben and dave bidini and some other guys jam but what i saw was
pretty good.

Jale : i really am not a big fan but they put on a really good show.
played new stuff and there was this one really happy one that was so
good. THEN this stupid asshole fucking idiot started a mosh pit which
was basically himself and 3 other people and i got beer spilled on my
cuz he bumped into this guy next to me who had beer. i was SO MAD. they
really wrecked the 1/2 half of jale's set for me. i was kinda
disappointed they didn't try to repremaind them or anything.

Change of Heart : I'm even less of a fan of Change of Heart and their
music really doesn't do it for me but man they got energy. and the
'psychedelic'<sp> lightshow was really nice! AND they told off that
mosher guy which definitely gave me more respect for them.


Ok i only went into this room once but it was pretty funky when i did ;)
one of those guys that i met there that i knew from school was dancing
to this hip hop track and theres like all these people grroving. wish i
could groove, i'm so damn inhibited when it comes to stuff like that.

ROOM 3: Comix and accoustic.
This room was good just for its relative emptyness and quietness
compared to the other two rooms. it was also the room of the local
rabbit encounter (which i'm still buzzing from) and jay fergueson was in
there i feel like i should say hi but then what? grrr.
i didn't get any comix and didn't stay for most of the accoustic
people... so i can't say much about this room either.

P.S. that Thor with leather shorts guy was a loser. he was ENCOURAGING
moshing i dont know why.
its like, there some be some guidline as to which moshers are losers. i
wouldn't say that someone who is at their first concert who moshes is a
loser becuase (much like myself) they saw it in a video or something and
it looks fun and want to try it. ok thats fine. by the second concert it
should start to sink in that moshing is not all its cracked up to be and
by the 3rd concert they should just stop. it wouldn't be bad if it was
friendly either this guy was OUT to annoying people arrrrrgh. i know i'm
just expressing already-stated sentiments but i have to vent this