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Re: for our friend Chris Trowbridge...SLOAN!!

hello :)

jay f. said last night that there are 12 songs on the new album in all, he
contributed two and andrew contributed two, but he says andrew's songs are
the best on the album (sorry, i can't remember if he said how many patrick or
chris contributed..).

and.. after we told jay about chris "bulge in my pants" murphy's latest
posts, he tried to convince us to start a thread about chris' flabby gut -
but i guess everyone already knows about it and it's pretty much old news..

anyways, last night was the exclaim party at the concert hall (the masonic
temple) and it was fun fun fun :) :) the local rabbits played a really great
acoustic set in the comic jam room, dave bidini played with them and some kid
i've never seen in my life. btw, i love their new album :) :)

 jad fair and phono comb were wicked!! what a total thrill to even be in the
same room as jad fair. 

 and jale played a really great set, mostly all their new stuff (tara lee's
right, ali is the best!). and watching them play might have been cool if
there hadn't been some fucking loser pushing and running into people with his
punk rocker friends and his loser girlfriend cheering him on.

but enough about that, i'm off to the seamstress to get alterations done in
my prom dress :) :)

-=- D'Arcy -=-

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