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Re: for our friend Chris Trowbridge...SLOAN!!

hey everyone

i was talking to larry of idea of east  and he says that after
listening to the new sloan songs over and over and over again,
he's still looking forward to the release.

he didn't say much more than that, so if you've got a secret to keep, i 
guess lawrence is one to trust, lawrence and brendan,  ...lawrence, 
brendan, and james ;)

anyway, i'm looking forward to this album, as much as the new jale release.
But i have some idea of what the new jale album will sound like, from the 
last show at the birdland, and it should be real boss!

Also, whenever the born-again-hardship-post get around to putting 
something new out, i'm there in there.

ok, this one last thing.  i've been getting together with two other 
sloan-net folks, and jamming.  last night we recorded a few songs, using 
a reel to reel tape deck and two condenser mics.  The sound is sooo good, 
the recording actually has ooompffff(sorry for the technical jargon).  
If you're looking for a cheap way to get your songs down, this is
definitely an option.  After about a half hour of fiddling with the 
levels on the deck, we recorded 5 or 6 songs(i forget) in about 2 hours.  
Taping the room is really the way to go, if what you hear sounds good, 
chances are that what is being recorded will also. 

Also, we need a band name, we *we're* gonna go with "the nines" but it's 
taken, then "sedan", but someone in the band doesn't like it.  Any 
suggestions?  A lo-key sounding name is what i'm after, i know this is 
lame, but, it's been two months, we need a name!

ok, one very last thing, Cecil, how did the recording go?