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Re: BO-ring!!!

> 2) there's a new Sloan record out in a matter of weeks - do any of 
     you care?

Everytime I hear that Sloan is releasing something new I get 
scared....just plain scared, and it has everything to do with the 
fact that I never know what to expect. I bought 2R the day it was 
released and when I first played it at home it scared the shit outta 
me because it was so different. It took me like 2 weeks to get used 
to it. If it hadn't been for Deeper than your beauty and Coax me, I 
would have thought Sloan a band possessed and I would have probably 
buried the damn thing in my back yard.

    Now, of course, I love that record to pieces...it was definitely 
a more mature sound, and because of all the places I brought it,
it reminds me of everything I loved about that summer (okie, 
this is the most cheese I've seen in awhile).

    Anyway, the point being that with all this talk of horns and 
such, I am once again scared. I am curious, very curious, but also 
scared....hmmmm....it took Sebadoh and Girls against Boys (recently) 
to make me appreciate a keyboard.....maybe Sloan will do it with 

    My biggest question would be: will they make it to Calgary before 
August 25th? But this is the kind of question that can never/will 
never be answered.

    Off Topic: When DOES the new Sebadoh get released?