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Re: i am BO-ring!!! :)

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, C. Trowbridge wrote:
> sorrry to be negative (I know how that irks you kids)  but has any-one
> else noticed how dull this mailing-list has been the last month or so?

occasionally boring, but mostly irrelevant.

> can we fight about something or something please? i mean reaally -  other
> than the 'let's picket HMV' thing (which was fucking sad - people are
> dying in the streets [two homeless dead in TO this winter] and you're
> worried about how much the new sebadoh costs...) this list has descended

and if you'll notice the bottom of this post, you're worried about deep
issues such as "grunge: over or not? discuss." the topic of fashion has
been BEATEN TO DEATH on this list. dress how you like as long as you are
happy. geez, for someone who gets mad at kids for complaining about cd
prices* (and how THE MAN is fucking us over) you sure worry about
important things, chris. careful you don't fall from that horse....

*note: the cd price discussion doesn't really belong on sloan net, by the

> into bullshit beyond its inital bullishness. Are there really 200 people
> on this list? All I read are the same five or six blow-hards every
> day and I'M BORED!!! Not so long ago we had some good laughs around here

if yer not part of the solution, then yer part of the precipitate. no,
wait, i mean problem.

> (Mostly courtesy of Margie Borshke - a regular dorothy parker  of the
> sloan-net roundtable), but lately it's been blahblahblah up the wazzoo.

i'm sorry, but i laughed out loud at about half a dozen posts from the
last two days. catano, you old scollywog you....

> II know I've bitched about this before, but in retrospect I realize how
> good I've had it - your petty concerns were far more interesting six
> months ago, puppies.

i know there are a lot of people on this list who won't post because
they're afraid of getting flamed for asking what they perceive to be dumb
questions, mainly cause of a few people who don't listen to the simple
guidelines james asks us to stick to and then a bunch of us get mad at
that type of person. come on, shy boys and girls, share your seemingly
irrelevent brushes with east coast fame, share your witty observations
about the most minute detail in that crappy rebecca west video ;) ... back
in the day, that was what made this list sooo much fun. :) remember the te
of piglet, it's the little things that count.

> so, inorder to stimulate some conversation from you ingrates, I offer the
> following:
> 1) Fuck the small-minded East-coasters who dis "Upper Canada" whenever
> they get a chance. Yeah, regionalism is real cooool...just like racism &
> sexism. seperate, why doncha?

first of all, comparing the request to keep a list on topic to sexism and
racism is just about the stupidest thing i've seen on this list. no one
said the bands from other regions SUCK, no one said upper canadians or
`easterners' as we in alberta call them suck; if that was happening, then
your accusations of regionalism might ring true. it's called truth in
advertising, chris. the list is SLOAN (ie/ east coast of canada scene)
NET. if you want a discussion on canadian music, visit alt.music.canada.
people don't join this list to hear about ontario shows, alberta shows,
british columbia shows...not that these places aren't just as much fun as
the east coast, it's just the philosophy behind the list is clearly stated
in the initial reply james covey gives to new subscribers. adding info
about stuff other than east coast content is ok occasionally, as is the
odd tangent. people have been abusing this lately, as pointed out by jon

second, i'm not from the east coast and i don't have a small mind and i
love a lot of the southern ontario bands, so explain why i get annoyed by
17 posts in one day about southern ontario kids meeting up for a gig
featuring southern ontario bands at a southern ontario venue on a mailing
list devoted to the east coast scene.

> 2) there's a new Sloan record out in a matter of weeks - do any of you care?

there's this minor detail. most of us don't know anything about this
record and those on this list who do won't talk. what, you want 20 posts
that say "hey when is that new sloan album coming out?" patience, boy.

by the way, there's a new JALE record coming out in two months and someone
cared enough to post a brief review of it. oh, but i guess jale aren't
really that big or important. after all, they barely know how to play
their instruments.......yadda yadda yadda....

> 3) I've been quite disappointed - actually horrified - by the manner of
> dress I've witnessed at rock shows lately. Shirts untucked, hair
> bedraggled, filthy running shoes! Have you ever heard the words "hush
> puppy loafers" or "dry cleaners"? Please explain yourselves - gruinge is
> dead, kiddoes, get avec la programme.

truly gripping topic. god, i hope you're kidding, chris.

> chico
> (just for the benefit of the extra-sensative souls out there: lighten up,
> fucko)-

with a smile on my face,