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HHeHey y'all-
sorrry to be negative (I know how that irks you kids)  but has any-one 
else noticed how dull this mailing-list has been the last month or so? 
can we fight about something or something please? i mean reaally -  other 
than the 'let's picket HMV' thing (which was fucking sad - people are 
dying in the streets [two homeless dead in TO this winter] and you're 
worried about how much the new sebadoh costs...) this list has descended 
into bullshit beyond its inital bullishness. Are there really 200 people 
on this list? All I read are the same five or six blow-hards every 
day and I'M BORED!!! Not so long ago we had some good laughs around here 
(Mostly courtesy of Margie Borshke - a regular dorothy parker  of the 
sloan-net roundtable), but lately it's been blahblahblah up the wazzoo. 
II know I've bitched about this before, but in retrospect I realize how 
good I've had it - your petty concerns were far more interesting six 
months ago, puppies.

so, inorder to stimulate some conversation from you ingrates, I offer the 

1) Fuck the small-minded East-coasters who dis "Upper Canada" whenever 
they get a chance. Yeah, regionalism is real cooool...just like racism & 
sexism. seperate, why doncha?

2) there's a new Sloan record out in a matter of weeks - do any of you care?

3) I've been quite disappointed - actually horrified - by the manner of 
dress I've witnessed at rock shows lately. Shirts untucked, hair 
bedraggled, filthy running shoes! Have you ever heard the words "hush 
puppy loafers" or "dry cleaners"? Please explain yourselves - gruinge is 
dead, kiddoes, get avec la programme.

cry havoc...

(just for the benefit of the extra-sensative souls out there: lighten up,