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Re: Listmanager does it again

> For the final word on Thrush Hermit's Elektra deal, check out The Coast's
> (A Halifax Reader) cover article- written by none other than JC himself.
> I'd type it out for all the out-of-towners, but maybe James has it typed
> somewhere already and can post it(?).  Good article James!!
> Bob

actually it will be on the web with pictures and some colour in a few days.
james may want to transcribe the original though  :)

the coast is at 


or if you wanto put a link to it on your home page, just slap in this
line of code

<h1><a href="http://www.isisnet.com/coast";>The Coast Magazine</a></h1>

for you outta towners it has pretty good bi-monthly listings.