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*last* of the friggin' local rabbits thread!

_you can't touch this_ is perfect music for a train ride!  a lot of the 
tracks just flow with the slightly mundane country scenery between ottawa 
and toronto.  the laid back country, bluesy feel is great.

anyway, saw the rabbits at their cd release partay last night.  lots of 
sloan-net-ish people there (helen, d'arcy, kelly, france, marc), and even 
sloan-ish ones too (jay).  l.r. played a pretty long set -- clocked in to 
over an hour and a half!  two new songs among the ones on _you can't 
touch this_.  all songs very well executed, and they were enthusiastic as 
usual.  dave bidini (of the rheos) joined them on bass for a song, and 
some of the people in que vida (?) jammed with the rabbits for an elongated 
"intro" (which was the closer).  
oh, ya, obviously kris murphie forgot to tell jay that le sloan is no 
more.  the honest and nice mr. ferguson hinted at a tour in june/july.  
the local rabbits plan on touring at that time too.  

shanan and i are wrong about the name thing.

*exclaim party scoop*  the local rabbits are playing there -- part of the 
acoustic thing going on in one of the rooms.  if you can't find 'em, 
just look for me.  i'll either be stalking them or picking a fight ;)

			...sizzle teen

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"All things quick live through danger
 and anger feeds a love-famined will"