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Another pointless question...

Hey everyone...

Thanks to all who answered my sizzle teen question.  I've got another
brilliant one.  It's got a story to go along with it,too. (yeah!)

I was just sitting listening to some CDs this morning when I noticed
something.  You see, I listened to The Hardship Post's "Somebody Spoke",
then Superfriendz "Mock Up, Scale Down", then I popped in treble charger,
and I noticed a drastic change.  Something was missing. I checked it out
with a few other non-east coast CDs, and they were all missing it too. So
my question, to all you east coast musician boys on this list, how come you
and only you can make that little "Ooo-ooo" noise?  Is it something in the
water up there?  I would also appreciate answers from anybody else on the
list that has a theory about this.


"...And no grass eating.  This means you, Ralph."
                              -Principal Skinner