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thrush hermit/cd prices

a question about thrush hermit signing to elektra if anyone knows.. do
they have full creative control? will they still get to keep their sound?
stuff like that.. just curious..

now on to the hmv/cd prices issue.. well, I think if we don't agree w/
something, the best thing to do is to make our voices heard.. boycotting
products that have prices we disagree w/ is a good idea but the only
problem is that it might not work due to the fact that a lot of ppl
outside of the indie music world just don't care enough/care at all.. the
majority of ppl will continue to make their purchases of over-priced
music, thereby supporting hmv and all the stores w/ jacked up prices.. so
basically, chances r that the stores won't care that a few of us stop
buying their goods since a larger number of ppl will continue to do so..
in fact, I think chances r they won't even notice if we don't buy their
stuff.. and if they do notice that say, perhaps indie music doesn't appear
to be selling very well, they might stop stocking the stuff altogether
which wouldn't help the bands or labels at all.. it's almost like a no win
situation.. there's gotta be another way.. 

okay, enough typing for one day, gotta get down to the local rabbits
show.. yaaay.. :)

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!