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Re: et list

hey there...
don't waste your time...

> Mitch Hastings          email : hastinga\!/tuns.ca
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> ET_etc is a discussion group, which I manage, of independent Canadian bands
> and also the band Eric's Trip. If you wish to subscribe to this list send e-mail
> to majordomo\!/bronze.interlog.com with the message
> subscribe ET_etc your-email_address and to post to the group send e-mail to
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this will never work because of the name. that Eric 's trip thing to 
it make the whole thing all fucked up. why?
because alot of people that are on sloannet (the ones that talk) will 
find themselves on this list too. How much time does it take before 
people get bore of talking about the same thing twice in a week. people 
that were there knows that if one week a thread would go on about 
that new eric's trip song or broken girl 7' the next week it would be 
the same thing on sloan net. how much time before people get bored 
out of their mind?
the last time it took 6 or 8 month. you want to try it again? i don't 
think so. 

and suprise suprise a don't even think a canadian indie list would 
work either, because then people would talk about sloan too much on 
that list. sloannet would probably die. not that getting smaller 
wouldn't be a good thing though. 
but what i think would be the best is an UpperCanada list. That would 
work! i'm sure of that. it's gotta be geographical BECAUSE the first 
one--slaonnet-- is geographical. that's the only sensible way of 
solving the problem.

It wouldn't be long before that Ucan list grows bigger than sloannet 
that's for sure. why?.... because they have soo more bands and venue 
than the east coast.

take this business into your own hand! it will help your scene and 
make it florish and shine even more! internet works, that's for sure, 
but you gotta make it work your way. 

you can make it happen!
YOU gonna make it happen!

there are resources on this list to help you guys create one. it just 
need one of you to ask it. wish i was from Ontario, but i'm not. i 
cannot ask it for you. a couple of peoples know the ropes of internet 
on this list and could tell you were to write to ask for a mail list.
they could probably show you the way to the nearest listserv; 
world.std.com, aol.com, mit.edu, etc...

and it looks damn good on a resume! And if you have a band or a 
label, think about all those interview possibilities(sp?); "so you 
are the list manager of a mail list about indi rock on the 
internet?... yes, and our label is called blah, blah, blah and that's 
what we're all about. check us out at blah blah blah whatever..."

Don't just stand there. Bust a move!