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A buncha stuff....

        1) So, did Thrush Hermit wind up doing anything signing-wise
definitively with Elektra ? Or is it all still a fine vapour of rumour? Or
is it in that awkward phase of inevitability that can last forever ? And
who have they been recording with ?

        2) Are there definitive tour dates for Sloan as of yet ? A
definitive release date ?Or is that all To Be Determined ?

        3) What's going on with Al Tuck ? 

        4) And, while asking this feels like a subtle betrayal of some
higher philosophical point, is there a tape anywhere of "Lil' Orton Hoggett
" ? I can't get those damn songs outta my head, esp. "Stay all Night (Stay
a Little Longer). (And if we didn't betray subtle points of principle now
and then, what fun would life be ?) 

        5) Christ, aren't I just chock full of questions ? And is there a
State Champs Full Length en route? ( ...... the 7" is sorta cool... )

        Just Axing, 
"Against The Grain"