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Re: CD prices(errr)

On Tue, 2 Apr 1996, Brooks Duncan wrote:

"Cory J. Boehm" <umboehm4\!/cc.UManitoba.ca> writes:
> > across the street sells other Sub Pop CDs for under $15. If anyone in 
> > Winnipeg would be intersted in setting up a picket at one of the local 
> > HMVs let me know...
> You know, you could just not shop there. :) If enough people do that, then
> that will be much more effective than a picket at one or two of their
> stores.

yes, this is true.  however we also need to make people aware of how much 
they are being ripped off.  maybe picketing isn't the answer, we haven't 
looked into it enough yet, but we do need to find a way to make the 
public aware.  If you or anyone has any suggestions, please e me 
privately. or, if you would like to join us in the battle please let me 
know.  We have had quite a response already, and i am keeping track of 
everyone that expresses an interest, so that everyone can do their part 
in their city.  I am in the middle of research as we speak.

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