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mild panic

hi everybody.  guess what.  i'm working fulltime
these days.  don't know how long it will last,
but it means that's i'm having trouble keeping
up with all this email i get.

there's exactly 100 messages sitting right now
in my "reply to" folder, waiting for me to get

i know, you're probably thinking, "what's this
got to do with me?" or if you're slightly more
charitable, "how can i help?"

this may be totally subjective, or i may be
just noticing it more, but there seem to be
a lot of tangential conversations going on
these days on sloan net.

tara's right, there is an indie list for more
general discussion.  isn't there?

when sloan net starts to blow up, a couple of
things happen:  1) i get all kinds of mail
from sloan net that fills my account before
i have time to download and archive it (so i
just delete it), and 2) i get all kinds of
requests from people saying "get me off this
damn list!"

both those things make me unhappy, so please
try to keep that in mind when you post.

finally, let me just mention that if this
job sticks, big changes are coming to sloan
net.  for one thing, it's definitely going
to find a new computer home by the end of
the summer.  i'm going to find a listserver
for it so that subscribing and other stuff
will be automated.  and you can also expect
a web page and god knows what else.  all of
this depends on my ability to afford/obtain
access/space, but it's looking good.  
so stay tuned.

and if you're one of the 100 people waiting
for a reply from me, well, i'm going to try
to do some catching up tonight.


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