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Re: CD prices(errr)

At 3:00 PM 4/2/96, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

>HMV defiantely needs to be picketed, I mean $30 for a Sebadoh doemstic
>CD, get real. I know for fact that is over 100% mark up since a store
>across the street sells other Sub Pop CDs for under $15. If anyone in
>Winnipeg would be intersted in setting up a picket at one of the local
>HMVs let me know...

I think picketting would make you look silly.  Can't you hear the
commentary, "kids today and their crazy rock and roll music" "Rawk: they
say its a right not a privilege."

Why not make stickers  that illustrate how little money is going to the
artist and how much to the store and stick them on when noone's looking.
It would be easy enough to make a template that people could follow across
the country.  But For gawd sake make sure the info is accurate!  You could
even give them out at shows with instructions. One must be savvy about
these things.

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