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One last review?

Since exams are coming up and school is over for me, i may lose my 
account for the summer.  Here is my last (?) review for a while on 
Sloan-net.  But wasn't the Buffalo show supposed to be Sloan's last show 
ever?   Hmmmm....

Mystery Machine/ hushfeed

Okay, I know you all think I own shares in hushfeed's stock because I 
always rambling on about them.  The last hushfeed show I saw, I was 
beginning to doubt why I like them.  The songs did little for me and I 
thought maybe they were but a passing phase in my life.  Then, last 
night, they opened for Mystery Machine at Ozzie's, and I was reborn.  
They thought it was one of their worst shows, but I think it was their 
best by far.  They opened with "Hit THe Ground", which still gets me 
going after hearing it so many times.  That song kicks ass and gets 
played once in a while on CBC Realtime.  They then continued on and 
sounded noisier than ever.  Harley's vocals and guitar sounded more 
prominent than ever before, Jaret was getting the bass feedback flowing 
as well as he ever has, and Brian, well, Brian was Brian.  The new songs 
that they're putting on their cassingle are real strong, and one song in 
particular ("Remorse"?) will be a future gem, depending on what they do 
with it.  If you haven't heard their songs on CBC or listened to their 
tape yet (which is sorta outdated now because they sound smoother than on 
the tape), or if youlive in Winnipeg and haven't seen tehm yet, i really 
don't know what you are missing.  Rome PLows, Shrome Plows - kids, 
hushfeed is the real thing. They rock, they are feedbacky, they are 
catchy, and they should be heard.  They get a 9.5/10

Mystery Machine jumped on stage right after hushfeed finished and cracked 
into a new song with not-to-many vocals, but it still was damn good.  
They asked the audience to shout out requests, but played only 1 or 2 of 
them, which was kinda shitty.  The rest of the show makes me wonder why 
Mystery Machine is so underrated and why noone really cares to listen to 
them.  They are supercatchy and are geniuses on the guitar.  
Super-smooth, supergood.  The surprises were them doing "Shaky Ground" 
and a new, harder version of "stain MAster." The best part of the show 
were the big rock-star endings to each song, well-deserved after their US 
tour.  They're making their way West now, so you people in the Prairies, 
go out and see them.  Who cares if its a school night?  They are also 
nice guys (contrary to popular belief). 9.5/10

Ahhhhh...nothing beats writing a review that most people won't bother 

"Slack is good." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, Church of the SubGenius